Why Should Your Business Go Green?

Green is now in. People are now becoming aware of climate change, global warming and other environmental predicaments that they, too, have caused thus green products and programs are suddenly increasing. Should your business join the green league? Here’s what going green can do:


1. Cut costs.

Going green need not be expensive. In fact, it can help you save money by cutting costs. The simple switch from incandescent to LED bulbs and plastic to biodegradable paper can lower your water and electricity bill thus reducing utility expenses. The return on investment of switching to eco-friendly resources is very high considering the attrition in expenses and the potential increase in sales as a new market is tapped.


2. Uplift brand image.

People find green brands more favorable than others. Why? Because they are becoming environmentally responsible. Consumers are now segregating their trash, opting for organic products and doing their share to help save the environment. Green businesses also impose that they care for the environment more than their competitors do.


3. Add to the company’s CSR.

Businesses are slowly realizing the great effect of corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to the company’s overall image and relationship with the community. Commonly, CSR programs tend to focus on building a good kinship between the company and the society through solving the community’s problems. Green businesses will not only help the environment but also save the community from further harm caused by pollution, chemicals, etc.


4. Tap a new market.

There is a new market: the green consumers. This market favors environment-friendly products over others and promotes the products’ use to other green consumers. They are aware of the fake and genuine green marketing strategies for they spend time educating themselves on what is really environment-friendly and what is not. Going green will help you tap this new market.


5. Influence others to go green.

No one can save the world alone. By going green, you’ll be setting an example for other businesses to go the eco-friendly route. Who knows, in the future, every single business will go green and problems regarding the environment can be stopped.


This article has been provided through the care of 88db Philippines

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